Intuitive Eating Counselling

My sessions with Alison have changed my life to the extent that I now, two years later, find it hard to believe that I spent so long struggling with my relationship with food instead of relaxing and enjoying one of life’s great pleasures.

I’m lucky that I have known Alison for decades and so when I hit crisis point regarding my family meal times here at home, I knew where to go and get help. I trust Alison, have respect for her many skills and love her easy but direct manner.

I approached Alison to help me with the specific issues I had with my daughter’s eating habits when she hit puberty. By supporting me through my own intuitive eating journey, all my family have benefited from Alison’s expertise. I can’t believe how much time I spent trying to control what we all ate under the banner of “healthy eating” and doing what I thought was a good job as a Mum. It made me miserable!

We all honour our hunger now and simply enjoy each others company at the dinner table which is a real gift when you have teenagers.



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