Low Cost Intuitive Eating Counselling

Offering low cost Intuitive Eating Counselling is so important. People who have suffered from food insecurity due to financial reasons are more likely to be suffering from negative effects of food deprivation. Food insecurity can affect a person at any stage of their lives. When it happens during childhood it can have the most damaging effects.

Dieters also suffer huge eating deprivation and this is somewhat “self-inflicted”*. So, imagine the deprivation effects of having no control whatsoever about whether you can get food enough palatable or not.

*Is the deprivation of dieting really “self-inflicted?” The answer is no, because the pressure of diet-culture doesn’t give them a choice in the matter. Diet-culture means that people feel “unacceptable”, not worthy of love, or they won’t be successful if they are in a larger body. This is currently especially problematic for women, but now men are also suffering.

This is why we offer low cost Intuitive Eating Counselling. We don’t need any “proof” of your situation to be able to qualify for this discount. Everyone deserves to have access to proper help to counter food deprivation. Whether the deprivation came from financial reasons or diet culture. Everyone have the right to be able to return to Intuitive Eating.

Thin-Privilege and Weight Stigma

Intuitive Eating is much more reachable when a person is privileged and can afford a wide variety and abundance of food. The financially marginalised need additional support.

People can also be are “privileged” in other ways. For example, people can have “thin-privilege.” This means that because of genetics and because they weren’t subject to the indoctrination of diet culture growing, up they never developed a larger body. Larger bodied people are subjected to “weight stigma”. Weight stigma is the way it’s assumed that people in larger bodies can “do something about if they wanted to”. People in larger bodies have no control of their body size. Some are genetically in a larger body. Others have a medical condition or have to take medication which causes weight gain. And the rest are suffering the damage of diet-culture that, even with the right kind of professional help, are powerless to do anything about the actual weight. The damage from diet-culture is just to deeply ingrained physically and psychologically.

Yes, they can be “healthier” but only is the weight stigma stops or stops affecting them. The former of which is not going to happen in my life-time and the latter is often impossible because of the psychological damage already done.


People in larger bodies are discriminated towards in many areas of society including access to health-care and the medical profession not treating them with respect, let alone kindness and empathy.

There are many ways in which people are discriminated against other than their financial situation or body size. These include being disadvantaged because of:

  • ethnicity
  • skin colour
  • religion
  • female
  • transgender
  • older
  • non-binary or any other gender
  • being a carer for a family member or spouse

Help Where it’s Needed Most

Getting back to Intuitive Eating is hard enough. But laying other obstacles on top can make it impossible.

This is why we want to help as many people with low cost Intuitive Eating counselling as possible.

Make a booking for a chat about low cost Intuitive Eating counselling for you now.

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