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Has dieting and/or excessive exercise played havoc with your body, mind and your relationship with food and/or exercise?

What once was a gentle effort to “keep healthy” turned into a constant vigilance with food and/or exercise? Do you feel as though your appetite has increased the more you have tried to control or counter it?

If so, you are likely be suffering from the physical and psychological damage dieting and exercising for “weight control” does. When dieting has done its damage worked on us it is impossible to overcome overeating using restricting and/or exercise. After all, it was restricting food and “using exercise” that caused the damage in the first place. So, when weight loss advocators or fitness professionals, and even medics, advise someone to “change their eating” or “take up exercise to lose weight” they are offering them more of the cause of the problem and not the solution. 

The solution is to normalise the eating by taking the “control” of it out of the head and firmly back into the physical body. 

This is all my clients are working towards.  To eliminate all the damage done by dieting and to replace it with one new physical drive – the body – to power the eating. This leaves them with a natural control system for their eating where they are driven, very powerfully, to eat normally and not “overeat” as before.

This is how I help people to make peace with food once and for all. We use genuine “Intuitive EatingTM” counselling, a true understand of overeating (and how to fix it) and a deep empathy for your situation.

I help people understand the cause of overeating (which TBW isn’t you) so you understand the reasons for the techniques we use to get you out of the trap you are in with food.

You will fall back in love with food – and yourself!

My one-to-one therapy sessions are there to lift you out of the incessant ‘on-it/off-it’ cycle — leaving you happy, clear-headed and energised.

Are you ready to move forward in this new chapter, and final, of your dieting life?

What is Intuitive Eating?

Intuitive Eating teaches people how to use internal bodily cues to control the eating. This is how eating is meant to be controlled and not by using external motives such as weight loss or health. If you allow your body to take over and do all the controlling you will, one-day, be a “normal eater” with a consistent and appropriate drive to eat which means your body is always nourished with the food it actually needs.

You will discover how the body can be taught to have the ability to control your eating for you!  Leaving you free to put all your efforts into doing what really matters in life. 

I help people overcome overeating through a deep understanding of the causes of overeating – which isn’t a lack or willpower, knowledge or motive.

Intuitive EatingTM is often misunderstood and is assumed to be just another way of “knowing” what to eat. If knowing what to eat was the solution then we’d all be free of our overeating worries. Intuitive EatingTM is an evidence-based approach teaching clients how to use the power within their bodies to take over eating control from the overthinking mind.

I will teach you how to teach your body to be able to do this!

I am a certified Intuitive Eating Counsellor with a deep understanding of how overeating develops and how to reverse the situation clients are in when they feel something isn’t right and seek help.  

Who is Intuitive Eating for?

  • People who feel that their relationship with food is becoming strained or even ruining their lives.
  • People who spend an enormous amount of time trying to control their eating but still cannot control it to their physical requirements.
  • People stuck in a cycle of restrained eating followed by impossible cravings and bingeing.
  • People who have tried and inevitably “failed” at dieting. 
  • People who are maintaining a normal weight but feel their relationship with food is getting more strained. 
  • People want to teach their children to have a normal relationship with food and avoid the worry of not being able to be normal with food. 

Can Intuitive Eating Help Me?

Do you want a happier, healthier life where food isn’t constantly on your mind? If you want to beat the miserable restrict/binge cycle you are in and feel empowered again, I can help you. 

My one-to-one online counselling sessions will help me assess your relationship with food. Did this all start as a very young child through restrictions, confused eating messages or financial restriction? Or have you simply been inundated with  the madness of “diet culture” as an adult? 

If you understand how it all started and how it has progressed it helps to reverse the damage, heal and move forward.

I will create a personalised programme for you and take you through the principles of the Intuitive Eating programme. You will build skills you never have used before. You will get your eating out of your head, and into your body.

I offer a free initial consultation with no obligation to sign up. I would be honoured to have the opportunity to walk with you through this, sometimes very tricky, but life-changing journey!

 About Alison Hall

Alison Hall

Hello, my name is Alison. I’m a qualified Intuitive EatingTM counsellor, mental health therapist and motivation specialist. I have a background in clinical exercise too (but exercise as part of your treatment is not obligatory!).

When it comes to overeating, I have a “fix the mind first and the body will follow” approach. I build strong relationships with my clients through using empathy and insight into why it is impossible to control eating in the way you have been taught to so far. I show clients how using a “simple motivation-approach” only makes matters worse. I help them achieve their goal of changing their preferences for eating.  And, at the earliest possible opportunity, they can move forward independently — fully recovered from overeating. 

Study, education and training 

The achievement I am most proud of is that I am a fully recovered diet/binge eater.

I became a qualified Intuitive Eating Counsellor in 2017, towards the end of my recovery. And now (2022) Try Freedom is here to help others in the same position.

I graduated from Surrey University in 1987 with a BSc (Hons) in Sports Studies and Behavioural Biology. I was a typical student and an Exercise to Music Instructor enjoying life.

Following graduation, I went to work as a fitness instructor in a renowned London health club. By that time I had also travelled to the USA and also gained the ACSM Exercise Physiologist Qualification

Unlike most fitness trainers who focus on what people do when they come to the gym, I was more interested in why people didn’t turn up and how to prevent this happening. 

My curiosity for problem-solving, and my experience of working with a variety of clients plus my own eating journey sparked my interest in counselling and motivation. I realised it was more about the mind. So I qualified as a Motivational Interviewing Trainer and Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapist.

I was living in London at the time, but moved to New York in 1989 to study further and complete my M.A in Clinical Exercise, ACSM Health Fitness Director and ACSM Clinical Exercise Specialist qualifications.  Upon returning to London, I was looking for an interesting challenge and began working in management training. It was here where I faced my toughest client motivation conundrum so far. The people I was working now hadn’t even made a conscious decision to “get healthy”, so I learned a lot about motivation during this time. 

Fast forward to 1991, and I began my own training company which I have run for the last 30 years. I’m a firm believer of looking at the bigger picture. Getting to the cause of a problem and starting there. This is why  Intuitive EatingTM can be the only approach that can ‘fix’ overeating. All other methods have some element of “behaviour change” from the outside in which can only make matters worse. 

How I overcame overeating

I suffered with overeating all my life but have successfully cured myself using the Intuitive EatingTM programme. My brain is now re-wired to allow my body to control my eating and not my brain.  I have true empathy and compassion with clients which with this evidence-based approach enables me to help clients understand themselves to be able to cure their overeating too.

My journey has taught me how to approach overeating in a way that helps people understand that it is not their fault they ended up with a large appetite. I certainly know how to ‘normalise’ an appetite.

Life outside of Intuitive Eating

Life inside and out of my work is calm and relaxed. My go-to pastimes in leisure time are immersing myself in current affairs, writing, reading, walking my dog and a good movie or series on TV. 

When my head’s not lost in a book (or laptop), you’ll find it bopping along to music, whether that be at a music event or dance class.  I also enjoy practising yoga and meditation – both I didn’t do before my recovery. 

Food has always been a big part of my life. But the relationship I have with it now it completely normal, effortless and the most pleasure I have ever experienced. It’s so liberating to have a love:love relationship with food and not one of love:hate.

I love all types of food. Since recovering myself from overeating, I continually discover new foods that I never knew I liked, let alone loved. My current favourites are melon, coleslaw and sushi.

I am currently writing a book to document my personal recovery. 

Please get in touch for a free consultation.

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